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by Jerry Bader

Patrons at the Potawatomi Casino in Milwaukee have been very critical of security guards' behavior during a shooting there Sunday. Patrons wrestled away the gun from the shooter while guards did basically nothing. Spokespersons for other tribal casinos in Wisconsin say they have the same type of policies; security guards are not to engage an active shooter.

That means active shooters in casinos are fishing in a barrel, or shooting in one. You put up a sign saying "no guns allowed," which only law abiding citizens will obey. That means shooters know the only threat of another gun comes from another lawbreaker. You throw in security guards told not to engage a shooter and patrons are left to fend for themselves. Because of the heroic actions of patrons in the Potawatomi Casino that strategy worked, this time. It's what my dad would have called "bleephouse luck." Luck is a lousy business model.

And apparently casinos around the state rely on that same model. It'll be interesting to see if they still do after this.