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Solidarity Losers Laugh at Police

by Jerry Bader

I'll admit, this is a tough spot for Capitol Police. These losers want to be arrested. A U.S. District Judge last week struck down a portion of the rules, but left in tact the portion that require the singers to have a permit because they fall into the 20 participants or more category. The protesters would love a video showing them being dragged off by police and I can understand the Walker Administration wanting to avoid that

I've said since 2011 I believe the Administration has erred to the side of caution when it comes to showing deference to the protesters. The problem is this; if they don't crack down on this group, the rules have no teeth at all. If other large groups show up, they'll simply point to the singers and claim selective enforcement. And they would be right.

I'm not saying the optics would be favorable, but if the Administration wants to have a useful tool for unruly protests, they're going to have to enforce the rules now.