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Some Saturday Bad News for Mary Burke

by Jerry Bader

Democrats desperately want to beat up Scott Walker on job creation in the November election. There is a growing problem with this strategy however; more and more evidence points to robust growth in Wisconsin. You will note that Minnesota and Michigan both lead Wisconsin at this point. This fact begs for further attention.

Michigan: as the state where Detroit resides, it might be hard to believe they're doing better than Wisconsin in job growth. The reality is that the state, particularly Western Michigan , is actually booming under Republican Governor Rick Snyder. 

Minnesota? Yes, massive government spending has given a temporary spurt to Minnesota's economy. Ask California, Illinois and Detroit what happens when the public money runs out.

Governor Walker will have to contend with a 250,000 jobs created promise. But efforts to suggest the state isn't making tremendous economic strides doesn't mesh with reality and won't sell with voters. As Right Wisconsin pointed out, this might explain why Democrats in Wisconsin are obsessed with gay marriage at the moment.