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"Sorry, College Grads, I Probably Won't be Hiring You..."

by Jerry Bader

I shared this on the air today and several listeners requested that I post it. Fortunately, it is not behind the Journal's paywall. I sent it to my college student daughter and she responded by saying it's interesting and scary. The good news for her is that she's wrapping up her sophomore year. She has time to add some of the classes he discusses here. And her areas of study are a perfect fit for what she's talking about.

He's not suggesting grads need to be "code heads" as high level code writers are often called. But he's arguing you need to know enough about what they do to explain it to a client. I run into this in my industry. A sales rep promises a client we'll do something before asking whether it's a technical possibility. And then programming is the bad guy when the rep and the client are told it can't be done. Or it can't be done the way they client was promised, or can be done in the time frame they were promised.

I hadn't considered this issue, but I think this column is great advice for any college student.