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The Dan Bice that Makes Me Pull Out My Hair

by Jerry Bader

As I've stated in previous blog posts, I respect Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel columnist Dan Bice. I, like other conservatives, believe Dan's politics are left of center. I think Dan earnestly believes he never lets that show(and maybe doesn't even agree with that assessment). But there are times when it's so obvious that it's hard to believe he doesn't see it. This would be one of those times.

Governor Scott Walker staunchly supports the Gogebic Taconite mine proposed for far Northwestern Wisconsin. It wouldn't take the influence of money to convince him to support. The evidence strongly supports that. Yet Bice seems convinced that $700,000 that Gogebic gave to Wisconsin Club for Growth turned Walker's head and convinced him to support a mine he'd otherwise oppose.

Absent even a scintilla of evidence to support this Bice points to then Representative Scott Walker's 1998 opposition to a copper and zinc mine near Crandon. Letting Scot Ross of One Wisconsin Now do the heavy lifting, Bice paints the picture that the only thing different between the two proposals is the $700,000. I have too much respect for Bice's intelligence to believe he doesn't know this is absurd.

Zinc and Copper mining and ferrous metal mining are two very different things. In fact it's a credit to Walker that he opposed the Crandon mine. It shows that he's reasonable on the issue, unlike liberals who consider all mining too dangerous to even consider. But Bice doesn't see it that way.

Bice's premise here would be like saying someone is inconsistent because he supports the statewide ban on tobacco cigarette smoking but don't believe it should include e-cigarettes. They are two very different things and there is no conclusive scientific evidence that e-cigs pose a danger to the user, let alone anyone else around them. It's very reasonable to support one and oppose the other. Ferrous metal mines and zinc and copper mines are at least as far apart as traditional cigarettes and e-cigs when it comes to envrionmental impact..

What's disappointing is I'm sure I'm not writing anything Dan Bice doesn't already know.