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The Giver Shows the Dangers of Liberalism

by Jerry Bader

Based on a 20 year old teen-targeted novel, the motion picture "The Giver" debuted in theaters over the weekend. I recently read the book after catching a Wall Street Journal interview with its author, Lois Lowry. The WSJ piece reveals Lowry is a liberal who admits that the book touches on themes to which modern conservatives might relate. I read the book and found her assessment a gross understatement.

The book is a warning of where nanny-nation liberalism can lead. It appears the movie is loyal to the book and sends the same message. Lowry seemed prepared for conservatives finding the movie to be a cautionary tale, but she may be surprised at how strongly conservatives embrace this flick. I've seen a number of reviews from conservative writers who are recommending it because 1) it's a good movie and 2) conservatives will applaud the message it sends.

Stunning to me though, is the fact that a liberal like Lowry could write a book aimed at teams with such an anti-liberal message. And it appears she signed off on a movie that sends the same message. You wonder if the Hollywood lefties involved in the making of this movie had a clue.