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The Media and Wendy Davis UPDATED: 20 Questions for Wendy Davis

by Jerry Bader

I'll go a step further than Douthat does here ; The media are turning a woman who filibustered against a late-term abortion ban into Rosa Parks. And of course the media doesn't want to mention that this law is linked directly to the Gosnell case. Kermit Gosnell is this human reminder that babies the size of the ones he killed post-birth are killed all the time in utero. 

You can sense how the Gosnell case has rattled the pro-abortion camp. They have no answer for the obvious question; why is it murder when Gosnell does it on the table when moments earlier it would have been a legal abortion? So the media sure as hell doesn't want to remind the public from where the Texas legislation sprang. 

And if you missed Davis on "Face the Nation," check out her completely incoherent answer as to what's offensive about Perry pointing out how lucky Davis is that her mother didn't choose the option for which Davis is now fighting so hard. (And be sure to make note of Schieffer's fawning intro):

UPDATE: The Weekly Standard chronicles "twenty questions for Wendy Davis ." It appears the shame the media felt for now covering the Gosnell trial wore off rather quickly.