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They Don't Make Global Warming Like They Used To

by Jerry Bader

Last year Wall Street Journal columnist Dorothy Rabinowitz channeled the 1967 movie, "A Guide for the Married Man" to illustrate how President Obama simply pretends reality isn't what it is. Rabinowitz recounted a scene where Walter Matthau's character, caught by his wife with another woman, simply pretends the other woman isn't there, repeating "what woman" while the other woman dresses and leaves. By scene's end, the wife is apologizing to Matthau for falsely accusing him.

Rabinowitz's analogy is a perfect fit for the current global warming fraud strategy. There hasn't been global warming for 15 years. The perpetrators of this fraud know that. Yet, they push on with it as though the evidence to the contrary simply doesn't exist. I acknowledge there was a warming trend in the latter half of the 20th century. I remember taking my young children to the park on a 60 degree December 3, 1999.But it is also clear to me that Wisconsin winters are returning to the frigid onslaughts I remember as a child. Empirical evidence suggest the warm trend has ceased.

The response to this by the frauds has been to become even more shrill and more dire in their arguments. They ignore increasingly brutal winters in recent years. And when a ship gets caught in the Antarctic ice on a global warming experiment, the ship's mission is conveniently left out of media coverage. Their hope appears to be that the cooling trend will be short lived and temperatures, for whatever reason, will soon rise again. That might happen. One would hope the public will have figured out by then that warming and cooling trends have always been with us and will continue to be. At least we can hope.