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Thoughts About The Possible Fox News Prime Time Line-up Shake up

by Jerry Bader

Well, Fox isn't denying what Drudge broke yesterday, that Megyn Kelly is getting the 8 PM Central slot, currently occupied by Sean Hannity. The Times speculates here that the logical Hannity move would be to 6 Central. I don't claim to know the TV biz that well, but this would have to be seen as a demotion for Hannity. 9 Eastern/8 Central is the heart of prime time. Hannity will be on when local news is on network affiliates, if this were to happen.

And...Hannity's radio show runs 2 to 5 central. I might be wrong, but it seems hard to believe he's going to be on the air live until 5 our time and then do a TV show at 6 our time. It seems very unlikely. So, does the 4 pm our time hour become mostly pre-recorded? I'm guessing this move says more about Kelly than it does about Hannity. When you believe you have a future all star you have to put her on the field somewhere. On the other hand, Hannity would seem to continue to have considerable drawing power and a fair number of people think he's better at TV than at radio. 

One other thought about the Times piece; it points out that 25-54 is considered the advertising sweet spot. That demographic was deemed the money spot back in the 1950's. I believe the relieve money audience for this format is 35-64, especially in today's economy. In fact, I believe 35-64 is the new money demo period.