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Walker Tax Plan Passes Senate

by Jerry Bader

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel makes much of the fact that the plan passed by a single vote. There was never any question of that. RINO Dale Schultz was a lock to vote with the dems. Green Bay area Senator Rob Cowles was said to have issues, but was never expected to be a serious holdout. But the razor thin margin is instructive nonetheless. There are critical State Senate races this fall.

Representative Howard Marklein, who scared Schultz out of the race with a primary challenge, is expected to be a favorite in the race and would have crushed Schultz in a primary. Senate President Mike Ellis, who can often annoy conservatives, faces a real challenge from Representative Penny Bernard Schaber. 

Joe Leibham of Sheboygan faces a threat that Democrats believe is real and most Republicans believe is token.

Holding the Senate is critical. These tax cuts are the latest Scott Walker reform movement. Republicans had just enough to get it done in the Senate.