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Walker Widens Gap with Burke

by Jerry Bader

Scott Walker now leads Mary Burke in the 2014 Wisconsin Governor's race, 47-41, according to the latest MU Law School Poll. The previous MU poll showed Walker leading burke 47-45. So Walker's number hasn't budged and Burke has fallen 4 points. Yes, this is still a close race and it's very early. But I still think there is some significance to these numbers.

Simply put, Walker and "anybody" else was pretty much a dead heat when Burke joined the race. The state continues to be polarized  when it comes to Scott Walker. The good news for Walker is her introduction to Wisconsin hasn't gone well. Yes, she can fix this. But I found it interesting that with the talk of her spending $8 million of her own money that she allowed news conferences and interviews to define her, rather than spend a lot of her money upfront.

That's the standard playbook for a person of wealth, regardless of political party. You wonder what she's saving it for. She needs to let people know who she is and yet her campaign has resembled a low budget affair to this point.

The bad news for Walker. he's under 50% and that's never good news for an incumbent. More good news for Walker is Dems will trash this poll rather than try to figure out what went wrong with her debut.