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Walker Withdraws Appointment of Student Regent Who Signed Recall

by Jerry Bader

This story was broken by Right Wisconsin, which the Journal Sentinel chose not to acknowledge. I was critical of the Walker administration for another unforced error. Walker's Achilles heel seems to be with the people with which he surrounds himself. I'm not talking so much about the kid here as I am those involved in the vetting process, but both bug me.

I truly believe Walker's presidential aspirations are legitimate, but the tendency to be sloppy with who you stock the wagon with could still be his undoing. Meanwhile, libs are howling over this:

Sen. Fred Risser (D-Madison), who was first elected in 1956, said he had never seen anything like Walker's rescinding the appointment. Risser has served with 12 governors — six Republican and six Democratic.

"This is the most partisan government we've ever had in my experience," Risser said of Walker's administration.

He said Walker's action was a bad sign for people with differing political views ever getting appointments.

"If signing a recall petition disqualifies a person, that means a million citizens are no longer eligible for public service in this administration," he said, referring to the nearly 1 million people who signed the petition to recall Walker.

Sen. Jon Erpenbach (D-Middleton), a member of the Universities and Technical Colleges Committee, said he was stunned Walker was withdrawing Inglett's name.

"At some point, Scott Walker has got to let this stuff go," Erpenbach said. "He's a sitting governor picking on a college kid. It's not going to reflect well on him at all.

"Governing by paranoia is not going to get us anywhere." 

First, Risser: most partisan government ever?" Dude, which side tried to remove the governor from office! And yes, signing on to remove the governor IS a disqualifying act when it's that governor that's doing the appointing. I don't consider it petty or skin-thinned to remove a nominee who clearly doesn't share the belief system of this person doing the appointing. Further, it sounds as though the kid was dishonest about his belief system.

Now, Erpenbach: Walker has to let this stuff go? Really? Libs tore the state in half and tried to remove the governor from office and this kid signed onto that effort. Have you guys let go? Really?