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Walker/Kleefisch Security Costs Rise...Well Duh...

by Jerry Bader

I would say the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has outdone itself, but this is actually par for the course. Post Act 10 has seen Governor Scott Walker and Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch's security detail rise in costs. The Journal Sentinel wants to paint these costs as excessive. They even have someone from former Governor Jim Doyle's staff suggest the threats against Doyle were comparable to what Walker and Kleefisch face. Preposterous.

The left unleashes threats and near riots and stalks Walker and Kleefisch wherever they go and the JS is surprised to learn they're committing more resources to security? The left in this state became unhinged; they and their media enablers now want to deny that their behavior was threatening and potentially very dangerous to Walker and Kleefisch. Part of that denial would appear to be questioning the very prudent increase in security spending in the wake of very real threats.