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We Now Return You to Your Regularly Scheduled Train Wreck...

by Jerry Bader

I often remind aging hippies who look back fondly at the 1960's that the crowning achievement of the anti-war movement was the election of Richard Nixon in 1968 (If you ever want to see a sixty-something lib go off the rails, just try that some time). Similarly, it would be instructive for conservatives, irrespective of the side they took in the "Great Conservative Divide of 2013," to understand that the greatest accomplishment of this effort has been to give cover to the "Great Train Wreck of 2013." The Obamacare launch has been a catastrophe beyond my worst fears. But this story, while not completely ignored, has gone largely under reported because of the Republican In fighting.Hot Air has the latest on the debacle from Hawaii and Wisconsin.

The Chicago Tribune Tuesday evening posted an editorial chronicling how the entire health care law is a mess. Now that the intra-party demagogic hour is over, perhaps all conservatives can similarly remember what it is we were fighting with each other about in the first place.

Exit question: now that Texas Senator Ted Cruz has said that while he won't vote for the agreement he also won't try to block it, will his most ardent supporters be disappointed that he isn't doing "everything he can?"