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Well, I'm Sure it Was Loaded With Lead

by Jerry Bader

Given the humiliation school districts face when these stories pop up, it's clear they don't care what sane people think. If they did, they would know they're going to get pilloried for a decisions such as this one and they wouldn't do it. And I'm beginning to think that the irrational fear of guns among the education establishment is even more widespread than I thought.

That they think there is something to be punished about a 6 year old boy pretending a pencil is a gun illustrates that zero tolerance means there will be no reminders that guns even exist! We've gone beyond banning actual firearms on school grounds; we're now banning recognition of their existence. And God forbid you should behave in a way that suggests you're comfortable with guns.

Yes, I know this isn't ALL teachers, I get that. But it seems as though it's an increasing percentage of administrators in position to make such stupid decisions.