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What Passes as Serious Thought From Sandy Pasch

by Jerry Bader

Shorewood Democratic Representative Sandy Pasch appears to be the first in her party to try to use the Bill Kramer scandal to revive the "War on Women" meme, and she, quite frankly, makes a complete ass of herself in doing it. Kramer, Assembly Majority Leader, was quickly denounced by Republican leadership for his behavior. And that same leadership will move tomorrow to strip Kramer of his leadership position.

Kramer has no defenders on the right and Pasch knows this; so she takes out of context, without mentioning him, a piece by Milwaukee talk show host Charlie Sykes posted at Right Wisconsin. In his piece, Sykes called out the Republican party for advancing Kramer to a position of leadership when his behavior in this area wasn't a secret. 

The "tragedy" Sykes points to is that an otherwise promising conservative politician appears to have been felled by serious personal failings. Pasch is obviously frustrated that Republicans aren't circling the wagons around Kramer the way democrats would if this was one of there own. Failing that, she apparently is willing to look like an idiot trying to make a point.

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