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What the NSA Story May Mean for President Obama

by Jerry Bader

It's a difficult question to answer because you have those on both sides of the political isle both defending and criticism the revelation of how massive the meta data collection of phone records in the U.S. is. The Telegraph suspects it could be a problem. But you have Republicans who are arguing that this data collection has thwarted terror attacks. But you also have Democratic senators attacking it. 

The Telegraph's argument is that this is a problem for the American Left because there is very little difference between Presidents Bush and Obama on national security tactics. No, it's not a problem for them at all. Oh sure, some liberals will be intellectually honest and howl. But not many. And that includes the media. The left has ignored Obama's aggressive tactics in fighting terrorism for four years.

The drone program is beyond anything Bush ever did. Again, a few howls on the left, but not many. Ditto for the media. You now have a program that I suspect covers most phone calls placed in America(again, not the content of the calls, as far as we know). The left would have called for impeachment were this George W. Bush. It isn't. Perhaps the screaming around the margins will be a little louder, but the left is much better at not eating its own than the right is.

Jack Ryan was jettisoned as a Senate candidate against Obama because of embarrassing revelations about his marriage(Ultimately he wanted to have sex with his own wife. It was under what conditions that created the embarrassment.) President Obama is overseeing a reach into the private lives of liberals that would be anathema to them if he had an R behind his name. My prediction is most will grin and bear it. We'll see.