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What Will Stay and What Will Go?

by Jerry Bader

The guessing game begins as to what Scott Walker will veto and what he won't in the state budget. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel deals the biggies,  so I'll make some completely uneducated predictions. By that I mean this is simply gut, no inside info on my part:

Eliminate the enrollment cap on the statewide school voucher program: I doubt it. Governor Walker said he'd "stay true" to the deal cut on this with Republican Senators, Ellis, Olson and Cowles(although nobody ever mentions Rob Cowles). My read is that he promised he wouldn't and he won't. However. If you want to nitpick, you can see shades of grey in "stay true" to the deal. That could mean some modification that Walker argues stays true to the deal. I can't imagine what that would be.

Bail bonds: He vetoed this last time, I have a feeling he won't this time. I'm torn on this. I'm not sure it's needed in Wisconsin and I agree with those who say it'll create an opportunity for more dangerous criminals to get out on bail. But I don't know if I like the idea of a conservative governor vetoing a provision that allows businesses to operate in Wisconsin that already operate in other states.

Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism: Republicans voted to boot this left leaning journalism outfit off the UW campus, where it currently enjoys free rent, free utilities and internet service. I agree with this move, completely. No such outfit, left or right, should get government freebies. My only complaint was the lawmaker who brought this forward did so without identifying himself or herself. I think this plays into the "petty and vindictive" meme opponents of this provision, including conservative talk show host Charlie Sykes have pushed.  He and others have called this an attack on the free press. Utter nonsense, but...Walker is very big on avoiding that type of perception. He did so to a flaw during the Act 10 debate. He didn't want to be seen as stifling free speech and as a result allowed a virtual takeover of Madison and the State Capitol by the left. I think he vetoes this. If he does, the MacIver Institute, Media Trackers and every other conservative journalism outfit in the state should have their hand out looking for the same deal.