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White House Agrees with Republicans, Durbin Is Lying

by Jerry Bader

I think this is a pretty big deal.  Durbin accuses an unnamed GOP lawmaker of telling President Obama: "I cannot even stand to look at you." Republicans deny it happened and the White House also calls Durbin's story "bogus." Yet, Durbin stands behind it; why? Here's what you have; Jay Carney is calling Durbin, a member of his boss's party a liar. In return Durbin, essentially, calls the White House liars.

Okay, let's examine; we know why Durbin would lie about this and we know why Republicans would lie if it really happened. But why would the White House lie to corroborate the Republican's story. Answer? It wouldn't.  Final thought; is there no Democrat who was in the room to corroborate Durbin's story? it appears not.