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"Wind Turbine Syndrome"

by Jerry Bader

I have done a lot of this topic on the show the past couple of years. Some families in Brown County have claimed that wind turbines have made them ill, and have been ridiculed for it. Now comes word of a Cop Cod community afflicted with "Wind Turbine Syndrome" as termed by a John Hopkins Universtiy-trained pediatrician. The wind energy industry has tried to marginalize folks such as these residents as "opponents of clean energy." Yes, I believe wind and other "clean energies" are a long way from being financially viable.

But I also believe the stories I've heard from afflicted residents in Wisconsin are quite real; nausea, headaches, etc. Many have moved out and continue to pay mortgages on homes they no longer inhabit. Who would do that in the name of political opposition? If we were talking fossil fuel, the MSM would have long ago jumped on the "too close to homes for safety" bandwagon. Imagine what the MSM would do if an oil company put wells this close to homes.