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Wisconsin Political Speech Raid

by Jerry Bader

I've done several show topics on this since the Journal-Sentinel reported the existence of John Doe 2.0, as I've dubbed it. The Wall Street Journal does break some new ground beyond what I knew of this probe. It includes far more groups than has been reported previously and it solidifies the theory that this is about getting donors lists from these groups.

This entire witch hunt is the product of the Milwaukee County District Attorney's office, as John Doe 1.0 was. Asst. DA Bruce Landgraf appears obsessed with taking down Governor Scott Walker. As the Journal, and others haven pointed out, the focus of this investigation appears to be whether there was any illegal coordination between candidate campaigns and independent conservative groups. Because of the secret nature of a John Doe, there is no way to know whether there is any reasonable suspicion of such coordination or whether this is just a fishing expedition. I strongly suspect the latter.

The beauty of a John Doe for a liberal prosecutor with a political vendetta is its secrecy. There are suppose to be safeguards against baseless probes, but the public doesn't get to see the justification. So absent that, it's reasonable to ask why Landgraf's probe is limited to conservative groups and campaigns and not their liberal counterparts. The answer, to some of us, is obvious.