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Wisconsin's Gay Marriage Shift

by Jerry Bader

It's hard to imagine public opinion on an issue shifting as fast as it has on gay marriage in Wisconsin in the past eight years. Nearly 60% of Wisconsin voters approved a constitutional ban on same sex marriage in 2006. Today, it appears likely the same measure would fail. And the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's Craig Gilbert breaks the state into media markets to look at exactly how attitudes have changed in various regions of Wisconsin.

In the Green Bay media market, which Gilbert describes as a 16 county region in northeast Wisconsin, opposition to gay marriage is roughly a half of what it was compared to how the 2006 vote went. In none of the regions is opposition over 50% There are a number of factors for this dramatic shift, of course. But liberal politicians who had been pretending to oppose gay marriage for political expediency coming out in favor in recent years is clearly a factor. It seems to have liberated those throughout the political spectrum who privately supported gay marriage to now say how they really feel.