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Yes, Polly Williams Words are Racist

by Jerry Bader

It must be a slow day for Dan Bice; he's taken to trolling the comments of stories for blog fodder(I seldom read comments). George Mitchell is fair game; he's "in the game" as it were. But Bice frames this blog post from the world view that Mitchell's observation is moon batty.(I'm sure Bice would disagree with that take). But then he goes on to provide ample evidence that Mitchell is spot on:

Williams said Walker and GOP legislators are intent on destroying the original purpose for the program, which was created to help poor African-American children. She said her criticism does not make her racist. 

"My pro-black views make some white people uncomfortable," she said. "The white people who know me understand me and are not offended." 

First; opposing expanding the program beyond blacks can't be perceived as racist? Imagine a white person(oh, let's just say a talk show host) opposed expanding a program to black people. Would that be racist? And then there is this: "my pro-black views make some white people uncomfortable." Holy crap. Just turn that around in your head and see if it sounds racist to you. Parting shot: remember this gem?  Imagine a white lawmaker urging white voters to keep an assembly district white.