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Police Car

by Lauri Loewenberg

“I dream my painting and then paint my dream.”   - Vincent Van Gogh

Dear Lauri,
Last night I had a dream that it was snowing really bad out... so a co-worker friend of mine and I stole a police car from the side of the road to get to work. Bizarre!   - Ben 34, Sheboygan, WI

Lauri: Have you grown cold towards something or someone? Or has someone been giving you the cold shoulder and freezing you out? The police car suggests you may want to right the wrong you are feeling but are trying or hoping to do it the easy way, since you stole the thing. It was also on the side of the road, which tells me that you may be feeling that you have been pushed aside AND frozen out by someone. As unjust as it may seem, I think your dream is telling you the right thing to do is try to get things back on track and moving forward again.

Ben Replies: This makes a lot of sense! A very good friend of mine just stopped talking to me out of nowhere after his wife cheated on him and got pregnant. I'm not sure what the wrong was that I did though.

Fascinating Dream Fact:
The European Science Foundation has found similarities in brain activity during lucid dreaming (being aware that you are dreaming while in the dream state) and psychosis suggest that dream therapy may be useful in psychiatric treatment. This is strengthened by the potential evolutionary relationship between dreams and psychosis.

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