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America’s Education: Teaching Hate and Communism in the Name of Social Justice

by Cassandra Basore

Whether it’s the union-thug demanding a broke state for more money or the hipster petitioning to get that pesky God out of our Pledge of Allegiance, these free-thinking geniuses grab the media spotlight daily. It is in this cesspool of brilliance that the American college professor exists, equipped with such unsettling agenda even Engels would feel uneasy.

Our esteemed college intellectuals are to thank for bringing us such radical and pointless discourses as Amherst College’s “Taking Marx Seriously: ‘Should Marx Be Given Another Chance?’”, and Occidental College’s “Whiteness”, where students dive into texts like The Abolition of Whiteness and White Trash.  Occidental and Amherst College are not alone on their triumphant voyage into the dark side however, hundreds of colleges around the nation are proudly following the same degenerative path.

On their crusade to spread mental decay, colleges and universities are most recently adopting a program to serve as an ultra-radical mothership of academic study. This Death Star goes by the name of Social Justice. The goal of such discourses in the Social Justice program is to breed angry anti-American Americans completely unprepared for a capitalist society and, therefore, destined to hate it. This dark art is being hailed as the newest way to seek and destroy any constitutionalist standing in the way of “progress”.

A most peculiar aspect of this movement is that such teachings of hate, victim exploitation, and leftist agenda are done in the name of impartiality. A general definition of social justice describes it as being concerned with equal justice in all aspects of society. Therefore wouldn’t all aspects of society include everyone? How wrong you would be to assume such a circumstance.

You see, our college scholars have produced a standard for those who deserve justice regardless of the context and those who do not. Justice is only worth the academic’s time when it is for the people they have categorized as worthy. The deprived mind of the social justice chaser will examine a person’s economic class, sexuality, religion (hopefully lack thereof), political affiliation, and of course race before ever investigating what actually happened.

But why are institutions of higher learning arming themselves with this Social Justice superweapon? The simplest and most truthful answer is easy: power. Though social justice advocates will protest power when it has been earned deservedly (Occupy Wall Street for example), one need look no further than our education system to see their desperate grab for power at the expense of our most impressionable. The illegitimate indoctrination happening on college campuses swallows vulnerable students turning them into mindless drones serving only to empower the leftist’s plan for domination.

How do we stop it? In order to save higher education from complete obliteration we must follow three steps: identify, inform, and act. In analyzing the beast, David was able to beat Goliath. In order to wipe away the social justice slime from our college campuses we must first identify the origins from which the ooze is seeping.

Next getting the word out about the dangers of this filth will be essential for the survival of our free world.  It will be up to the individual to inquire and inform themselves on most things regarding historical social movements, but absolutely crucial in obtaining a sound mind.

Lastly, action is necessary. Not if, but when a college professor begins to uncontrollably assault American values by attacking our founding beliefs, it will be the left to the individual to speak out. The common liberal professor is no stranger to screaming at those who disagree with their ideology, so do not be alarmed when this inevitably happens.

Under the guise of equality, diversity and acceptance, social-justice programs are spreading mental bacteria rapidly into the minds of our most impressionable. By preying on students and condemning them to become agents of “progress”, the social justice programs of colleges and universities turn would-be successful members of society into nothing more than hateful community organizers. To see a community organizer at work, look no further than our President’s own quest for religious, political, economic, and racial division.

A majority of students can see what’s happening to their education and already have taken action to stop it. Like Remington Reimer, a Texas Valedictorian, who had his mic shut off mid-speech when he deviated from the preapproved speech to mention God and his constitutional rights. One cannot watch the above video and not wonder where was Reimer’s social justice? And the corruption continues.