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by Jerry Bader

This piece seems to be a bit of wishful thinking on the part of the New York Times. I highly doubt Mississippi will result in a backlash contagion that affects establishment Republican candidates elsewhere. That said, the anger about what happened in Ole Miss is quite real. That the Establishment Republican party would play any role, even as passive a role as looking the other way, has conservatives furious, myself included.

I belief the current inoculation to this contagion is voter pragmatism; conservatives want the Senate. But if it costs Cochran what is supposed to be a safe GOP seat, it could cost Republicans the Senate. And I will admit, there is a chance, albeit a small one, that this could go national. I recently reneged on a contribution to the GOP over this; absent repudiation of the liberal democratic tactics used to defeat State Senator Chris McDaniel in a runoff, this is going to leave a mark for quite awhile.

The pragmatist in me tells me to look past this and take the Senate from Harry Reid. But the tactics used in this runoff make it very hard to keep arguing that there is little difference between the Republican and Democratic parties.