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Don't Count Chris Christie Out

by Jerry Bader

Rush Limbaugh on his show this week made the case that the MSM, in its neverending quest for a Republican presidential candidate to moderate to win, was overstating Chris Christie's performance at CPAC. I respectfully disagree. Christie was that good and he really did wow conservatives. And the reception he got from them was really that overwhelming.

And no, he's not dead in the water. Some of the national talk show hosts, perhaps most notably Sean Hannity, are zeroing in on Scott Walker as someone they want to encourage into running in 2016, if not openly support him at this point. Nobody on the national talk scene is a Christie fan. The warm response he received is important because when "Bridge Gate" hit, conservatives weren't interested in defending him. Christie showed at CPAC that when he says the right things, he can still wow them.

Rush Limbaugh and others may choose to be in denial about this but moderate Chris Christie (and he is a moderate) shook them up at CPAC. Unless a smoking gun emerges that he knew in advance and was part of the planning of Bridge Gate, he's not going anywhere.