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I Demand an Investigation!

by Jerry Bader

This is laugh-out-loud funny. The head of MSNBC wants to know  how ratings for Megyn Kelly's new prime time show grew so much from its debut night Monday to Tuesday, walloping Rachel Maddow, that he wants the numbers investigated. I have a theory.

I know this seems hard to believe, but...It's very possible loyal Sean Hannity viewers had no clue of the Fox News lineup changes. And it's also possible they either are not familiar with Kelly or didn't get the concept of her having a show in prime time. I'll admit Tuesday was a heck of a spike, but she still settled in for the rest of the week comfortably ahead of Maddow. 

And again, what we're talking about here is the 25-54 age cell, which is coveted by advertisers. Many wondered why Fox would tamper with what was a successful lineup. The answer is despite strong overall ratings their audience was creeping up out of that cell. Kelly was seen as a draw to the lower end of the 25-54 range, especially with men.

I suspected her show was going to be a good move by Fox. Still too early to say we know that already, but I think the odds are good that it will be proven successful. Here's the question liberal men don't want to answer; will they watch Megyn Kelly over Maddow?