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In Defense of Mike Huckabee

by Jerry Bader

Let me start by saying I'm not a Mike Huckabee fan. I had him on my show during the 2008 campaign and grilled him. I think he continues to try to shape his public persona to a form he considers most popular at any given moment. That said, I think Kathleen Parker is very hard on Huckabee here. For the most part I think Huckabee accurately characterized the liberal belief system that is "The War on Women." Her issue is him suggesting that liberals obsess with women's libidos. She argues neither side really does. I disagree.

Liberals believe abortion and contraception are the two most important issues to women in America in 2014. So yes, they are obsessed with the sexuality of American women and they believe its the issue that drives women to the polls and determines how they vote when they get there. I'm not sure why Parker is so uncomfortable with "libido." Perhaps she would have been more comfortable if he had just said sexuality. Either way, he's right.