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Jeopardy and Game Theory

by Jerry Bader

This is interesting stuff. Jeopardy contestant Arthur Chu has given the venerable game show a shake by employing game theory in his play . I have to confess game theory has always been pretty heady stuff to me and I don't pretend to fully understand it. But essentially Chu is making decisions and taking risks that you usually don't see on Jeopardy.

Chu doesn't go down an entire category, he goes hunting for the Daily Doubles. I understand the risk and reward theory there and it's working for him. I'm still not understanding why the numbers say it makes sense to play for the tie though. In any event, it's interesting how someone with a new technique in any competitive event tends to create such a buzz.

It'll be interesting to see whether Chu becomes the "Fosbury Flop"  of  Jeopardy, revolutionizing the way its played.