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The Elephant in the Room is a Cow

by Jerry Bader

I have a theory; Hollywood liberals live their lives in fantasy to they, even more than most liberals, become separated from reality. Never mind that there is no real scientific evidence to support the basic underpinnings of the theory of global warming; he knows the cause and the solution. And the elephant in the room is (are?) cows.

Producing livestock to eat or to harvest their milk is the main driver of global warming. So the answer is for the entire world to go vegan. And they argue that the claims that we need meat protein is a "fallacy." In fact, the fallacy is that meat proteins are bad for you, a 60 year old hoax that is now being debunked. Ironically, the saturated fats hoax that started in the early 1950's is much like the global warming hoax; it was built on sham science that nobody bothered to check.