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by Jerry Bader

The Hill notes that the American left of late has begun using with increasing frequency the "un-American" attack on conservatives. It also accurately points out that the target of this slur is most often the wealthy. The left finds it un-American that some people accumulate great wealth. They find it un-American (and downright vile) when people of wealth use their money to influence political campaigns (well, when those people are conservatives it bothers them)

It's true that some on the right have been to quick to use the label. But the way in which the left uses it is a complete fraud. Accumulating wealth through risk and hard work is as American as it gets. And using your wealth to exercise constitutional freedoms is equally American. Even with the Supreme Court ruling that everybody has the right to an attorney, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet can buy much better legal counsel that a public defender can offer. No offense to attorneys who are civil servants, but it's just a reality. They can better exercise that right. And the right to live wherever they want, and the right to free speech, including paid for political speech.

The notion of "haves" and "have-nots." is un-American to the left. It's a reality of a capitalistic society. And the left doesn't use this term loosely. They really believe these things are un-American. Which shows how extreme they have become