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All The News That...Draws Ratings

by Tom King

Today is a fairly big news day historically. The first American hospital opened back in 1752 in Philadelphia...Emma Goldman was arrested for lecturing about birth control in 1916...President Eisenhower refused clemency for Ethel & Julius Rosenberg for spying in 1953...Nelson Mandela was released from prison in 1990....Egyptian President Hosni Mubarek stepped down from power in 2011..and the Pope stepped down in 2013...and oh yeah Dick Cheney shot his hunting partner in the face in 2006. Also Whitney Houston died in 2012 and in testimony before Congress Mel Karmazin of Viacom took responsibility for the flashing of Janet Jackson's nipple at halftime of the Super Bowl in 2004. If all of these incidents happened today what would lead the news in the United States? My guess is Whitney Houston although the resignation of a pope would be a possibility. Our news has, for the most part devolved into celebrity trash, political gotcha moments and all of the other things that pull eyeballs and ears to an increasingly fractured audience. Hell, the news doesnt even have to be true anymore, I cant tell you how many people believed that the designer of the failed Olympic Ring act at the Opening ceremonies of the games was actually killed because of it because they read it on something called the Daily Currant. So-called "parody" web sites now publish, tweet and post all kinds of nonsense in the guise of real news

When I do the mid day news reports on WSAU I try to include as much international news as I can...because even if the tv & newspaper  and even radio people ignore it...the situation in Syria, Korea, Iran and other hot spots will certainly have a longer lasting effect on all of us...even if many of us couldnt find Syria on a map.

Congrats to  skiier Julia Mancuso for becoming the 3rd American to medal in three straight Winter Olympics as she took bronze in the Super Combined event.

I found a great article on Facebook today from thefederalst.com. its from Tom Nichols and its called 'The Death of Expertise" . I'm having problems linking to it but it would be worth your while to search it out if you have been despairing the attack on knowledge by the far right squawk machine and this idea that everyone's opinion carries equal weight on every subject. A really good piece.

I'll have East boys basketball tonight as they host Wisconsin Rapids...it will be game 3 of our tripleheader on Foxsports Radio AM1390 & FM 93.9...air time approx 930

Songs of The Day  (from my I-pod)

Mississippi Queen-Mountain(1970) some quintessential early 70's rock featuring the great drumming of Corky Laing (the cowbell was his idea) and the lead guitar of Leslie West and driving bass of Felix Pappalardi.

Missed Oppourtunity-Hall & Oates (1988) nothing says 80's like these guys...man they were hot for awhile. This could have been on any soul label in America in the 70's