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Be Careful What You Wish For

by Tom King

B. J. . Raji turned down a long term contract extension last season that would have paid him a reported 8 million per year with guaranteed money around $20 million. He turned it down to take a shot at free agency and what he though would be bigger riches. Unfortunatly for him, he stunk this season and now any bi offers he might have received are nowhere to be found...so he is talking to the Packers about returning to the team for 1 or 2 years at a drastically reduced price. Reports are that the one year offer is for $4 million. And he hasnt signed it yet. And he should. The reports are that the Packers would move him back to his more natural position of nose tackle. It would help thsm solidy what could be a major hole in the defense and give Raji a chance to have a good season and strentghen his position for free agency next year. But the Packers can't wait too long. The NFL free agency signing period begins on Tuesday afternoon and if Raji isnt coming back the packes would have to move quickly to get one of the good up front players. Ted Thompson has intimated that he will be a player in free agency this season. Getting Raji at a discount could be his first shot.

It also looks like the Packers will not bring back John Kuhn. Too expensive and too old.

It always hurts more when you lose a game that you dominated. It happens in hockey more than any other sport. There is not another position in sports (with the exception of maybe starting pitcher in baseball) that can skew a game like a hockey goalie. And it happened to the Wausau West Warriors at the state tournament yesterday. West outshot University School 44-17 and dominated play  but Wildcats goalie Bryan Botcher was the difference as he kept his team in the game that they eventually won 2-1 in double overtime.

Lots of high school sports on the schedule today...State Team Wrestling (Merrill is there), State Girls Gymnastics at Wisconsin Rapids, State Girls Hockey (the Central Wisconsin Storm plays Green Bay) and Girls basketball regionals( you can hear Wausau West at DC Everest tonight on Foxsports Radio AM1390 & FM 93.9)

Check out a new feature on this website that will run under the podcast section every Friday. I will be discussing Brewer baseball and you will be able to hear comments from Brewer players and manager Ron Roenicke throughout the season. It will be posted later today.

Songs Of The Day  (from my I-pod)

Mood For A Day-Yes  (1971) actually a solo tune from Steve Howe that appears on the classic Yes album Fragile. Very Nice

.Mood Indigo-Joe Jackson (2000) a live concert from New York featuring only Jackson on piano with Graham Maby on bass and drummer Gary Burke. It featured some of his old tunes and covers like Eleanor Rigby and this Duke Ellington tune. He later did a whole album of Ellington music.