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Here We Go

by Tom King

The Badger basketball team begins its NCAA tournament run today against American University. Some pundits are picking them to go deep in the tournament...others are citing the Bo Ryan factor to write them out early. They believe that Ryan's teams are very good in the regular season but flame out in the tournament. There is some evidence of that but I dont think you can narrow it down to the coach as having some fatal flaw that will forever doom the Badgers to an early exit. Yes, Wisconsin can become too reliant on three pointers...and yes sometimes their interior defense resembles a matador (ole!) . But a team that doesnt turn the ball over alot, makes their free throws and plays good defense on the perimeter will always have a chance and this years team has shown they can beat good teams.

I'm picking a Final Four that includes three Big Ten teams (the best basketball conference in the country). Wisconsin, Michigan, Michigan State and Florida with the Badgers beating the Gators for the title (yeah I know I'm a homer). Let the dance begin.

The Milwaukee Bucks will be looking for a new person to fill the "Bango" role. Kevin Vanderkolk is leaving the gig after more than a decade. You may remember him from the "Real Sports" show on HBO in 2010 which looked behind the scenes of the Bucks mascot. Just be aware that the role calls for much phyisicality and he suffered many injuries over the years

Good luck to three former Wausau West wrestlers who are competing at the NCAA championships today. Jackson Hein of Wisconsin and Evan Knutson & Steven Monk of North Dakota State have advanced.

Leave it to the show Justified to find new ways for the bad guys to get their comeuppance.This weeks episode left me laughing out loud for a good minute...does that make me a bad person?

Songs Of The Day   (from my I-pod)

More Than  A Feeling-Boston (1976) the lead single from the classic first album. I was in England in the fall of 76 and even they were playing the crap out of this. You couldnt walk through a college campus without hearing this blaring out of the dorm windows

More Than Woman-bee Gees (1977) a nice slice of pop from the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack. The group at the height of their powers