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Hockey & Hoops Are Not Summer Sports

by Tom King

It's June...high school sports are wrapping up for the year and Legion baseball teams are getting ready for their summer seasons...major league baseball is in full swing...the PGA and Nascar seasons will be hitting northern venues soon...and the World Cup will be thrilling fans around the world. And after a brutal winter folks are heading back to the lake for boating, fishing and swimming activities. So why in the world do the NBA and NHL think its a good idea to contest their championships over the next two weeks? Make no mistake...the playoffs have been fun so far with some great matchups and games...and the Stanley Cup Finals are usually one of the great spectacles in sport. But it seems to me that you could shorten the regular seasons for both and have both championships decided by the end of May at the latest. Or better yet...shotrten the pre seasons to save a couple of weeks. I love having the NBA and NHL around all winter when I'm inside but now there is too much calling for my attention and unless you are a fan of the Heat, Spurs, Kings & Rangers you probably will be catching the action in small doses on your phone or on the radio.

After an 0-4 start, the Woodchucks put together two excellent pitching performances and won back to back games Saturday and Sunday. They hit the road now to LaCrosse and Lakeshore this week before returning home on Friday night to face Battle Creek. You'll probably want to listen to the games on the radio because NWL TV is charging this year and it's more expensive than many major league teams (what's up with that?).

Kyle Lohse was masterful on Sunday. A 92 pitch complete game shut-out win over the Cubs. Light hitting Lyle Overbay drove in three as the Crew took 2-3 from Chicago. The Twins now come in for an interleague series starting tonight.

Hit the golf course for the first time this weekend and hacked it up. I really need new clubs as the one's I'm using are probably 25 years old and the hitting surfaces are miniscule compared to today's sticks. Maybe this year I'll take the plunge...and spring for a couple of lessons too.

Songs Of The Day (from my I-pod)

Neither One Of Us-Gladys Knight & The Pips (1973) man there was some great soul music in the early 70's and this was some of it...the last record on Motown for Gladys and it went to #2 on the pop charts

Neon Nites-Atlanta Rhythm Section (1976) from the "Rock and Roll Alternative" LP comes another slice of smooth southern pop