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Loyalty Is Good...To A Point

by Tom King

You have to give Ron Roenicke credit for standing by his player. Rickie Weeks has been booed in recent weeks for his horrible hitting. But Roenicke says he's not sure that benching him is the right answer. He says the Brewers need Weeks to hit to be successful. That , of course, isnt necessarily true. Any player is replaceable...especially a player who's defensive liabilities compound his hitting problems.  Years ago as a young Legion coach I had a player who was really struggling at the plate. But he was a senior who was a good kid and worked hard so I didnt take him out of the lineup and he never really worked out of his slump. What I did was avoid the hard choice and it affected the team in a negative way. Weeks is a pro. He realizes that he needs to produce. He's not trying to strikeout. But there comes a time when a manager needs to manage and put the needs of the team first.

Oh...and by the way, booing a player because he's in a slump doesnt help anything. Now I don't mind you booing a player that doesnt hustle or seems to take an "I'm rich and I don't care" attitude toward fans and the game...those guys deserve your disdain...but booing a guy who is in a batting or pitching slump...and then cheering the first time he breaks out if it...that needs to stop.

The USA Today Sports Weekly has come out with their pro football Power Rankings following the NFL Draft. The 49ers hold down the top spot with Denver, Seattle & Baltimore right behind. The Packers are in the fifth spot. They like the selections of Lacy & Franklin and of course the signings of Rodgers & Matthews. One interesting note...they believe that Montee Ball could be the NFL Offensive Rookie Of The Year in Denver.

I'll have high school baseball today...weather permitting and if the field drys out. DC Everest at Wausau East starting at 4:45 on Foxsports AM1390 & FM 93.9.

One final reminder to join us for Pancakes & Sausage this Sunday from 8-noon at Bunkers (the former Wausau American Legion Clubhouse). All proceeds support Wausau American Legion Baseball. As coach of the team I'll be there to seat you and the players will be doing the cooking and serving. I hope to see you on Sunday. We will also have our raffle drawing at noon. Top Prize is $1500 cash with 2nd Prize $500. Other prizes include Brewer tickets. If you would like a ticket but cant make it on Sunday just e-mail me at tom.king@mwcradio.com and I'll take care of it.

Music News

Here's a blast from your 80's past. Huey Lewis & The News are going out on tour to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the the "Sports" album. They will be playing at the Crystal Grand Music Theater in Wisconsin Dells on June 7th. 

Happy Birthday to Bono who turns 53...Dave Mason is 67...Jay Ferguson (Jo Jo Gunne and Spirit) is 66, remember Thunder Island?...and Donovan is 67.

Songs Of The day  (from My I-pod)

Love Has No Pride-Linda Ronstadt (1973) Bonnie Raitt did a fine version of this...but for me, Linda's is the definitive one...from her "Dont Cry Now" album (an underated classic)

Love Hurts-Gram Parsons & Emmy Lou Harris (1973)...if you only know the Nazareth version...you need to discover the original...from the Grievous Angel LP released a few months after his death.