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On To State

by Tom King

The goal of every high school team at the beginning of every season is to 'make it to State". The lure of a trip to State is strong. You'll be one of the few teams that are still playing after most others are done. You have a chance to get your team mentioned in the record books.But the strongest attraction is the time spent living the dream with your friends. The bus ride to Madison or La Crosse or Milwaukee. The hotel stay. Watching the other games and knowing that you belong to an elite group. Heady stuff for teenagers. And that's why you see such visceral emotions from the players when they know they have punched their tickets. For the coaches...they have to keep it tempered a bit but they are no less excited..and the main reason is they know how tough it is. Even the coaches of teams that are expected to win no that making it to state is not a given and every time you get there is a gift to be treasured. I've been coaching Legion baseball for for 32 years. We have made 7 trips to state out of one of the toughest regionals in Wisconsin and won the title three times. I treasure every one of those trips...even the ones when we didnt win. Because I realize how difficult it is to get there. We are winding down the spring seasons. State Track & Field begins today in La Crosse. Stevens Point, Mosinee & Rapids Assumption earned trips to State Softball with wins yesterday. For Mosinee its the first trip ever. A number of area baseball teams advanced to sectional play next Tuesday with a trip to State on the line...Girls soccer teams are battling as well...all hoping for the same thing...the chance to chant 'On To State"!

Wausau West is hosting a D-1 baseball sectional next Tuesday and both the Warriors and DC Everest earned spots in it with wins yesterday. West will play #1 seed bay Port at 10am and DC Everest will face Ashwaubenon at 1...with the winners to play at 4 with a trip to State on the line.

The Woodchucks return home for four games beginning tonight against Battle Creek. I'll be joining Sean Kellerman in theradio booth for the next four games on Foxsports Radio AM1390 & FM 93.9...tonight at 6:45.

Happy birthday to my son Wade who turns 26 today

Songs Of The Day (from my I-pod)

Never Mind-Nanci Griffith (1988) a nice cut from a gem of an album called "Little Love Affairs"

New Attitude-Patti LaBelle (1985) another big hit from the Beverly Hills Cop soundtrack and a return to the charts for the big voice of Miss LaBelle