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Our Fake Reality

by Tom King

While watching the Super Bowl Halftime show i mentioned that I didnt think Bruno Mars was lip-synching...which surprised me a little. Most of the artists who do alot of dancing during their performance, especially at a gig as tightly controlled as the Super Bowl...will sing along to a recorded track...so it will sound better. Now it appears that the Red Hot Chili Peppers, who played with Mars, were at least mimeing their instrumental performance. The instruments were not plugged in...even with wireless equipment. Do you care? So much of what passes for entertainment these days is artificial anyway. At least when I'm watching Justified or Person Of Interest I know its scripted and it's actors plying their trade...but if the writing and acting is good enough I don't care. Do most people who watch "reality"  shows like Duck Dynasty or Pawn Stars or the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills realize that its fake?...that's its scripted...that you are being manipulated to believe that what you are seeing is real conflict...real emotion. That much of the live music these days  is augmented with recordings...that much of the recorded music cannot even be performed live without artificial help because of the technology used in its creation.

One of the last bastions of real, unscripted entertainment is sports. As much as Fox and the audience would have loved a competitive Super Bowl...the Seahawks had other ideas. But even sports can be manipulated. I love the Winter Olympics. Once every four years I care about the luge...and the bobsled and skiing ...and on & on. And yet, unlike the 60's and 70's when the lack of technology forced the networks to show a competition as it happened...now we only see the performances that add to the drama...only see the performances of those athletes that will figure in the final results. They figure we dont have the attention span anymore to sit through an entire event as it unfolds...and they're probably right. 

A nice win for the Badgers last night as they made shots down the stretch. Now comes a stretch of five tough games in a row before the schedule gets easier at the end.

The Pointers hit the road for a tough matchup at Whitewater tonight as they try to stay unbeaten.

Songs Of The Day  (from my I-pod)

Miss The Mississippi And You-Roseanne Cash (2009) When Roseanne was 18 her father, Johnny Cash, gave her a list of iconic country songs that he said she should learn if she wanted to know the truth about country music...that led to an album years later called "The List". One of those songs was this Jimmie Rodgers classic

Miss You-Rolling Stones (1978) leave it to the Stones to make disco sound tough and dangerous. Leave it to Wyman and Watts to lay down a great groove