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The Land Of Second Chances

by Tom King

The Green Bay Packers could use a tight end. It's a position of need for the team. With that in mind GM Ted Thompson drafted Richard Rogers. But the most intriguing possibility is a guy named Colt Lyerla. Lyerla is a 6'3 242 pounder who went undrafted and unsigned by any other team. His agent claims he's a first round talent. Even if that is hyperbole it would seem that the guy could be a player in the NFL. The problem is not his on-field talent...the problem has been his bad decisions in other places. He was kicked off the Oregon squad. He was busted for cocaine. He has tweeted some controversial opinions (like the Sandy Hook shootings were a government conspiracy)..so he has quite a bit of baggage. But Thompson believes it's a low-risk, high reward situation and also believes in giving players second chances. Johnny Jolly springs to mind. I would never have thought the team would take Jolly back after not one but two busts for selling illegal substances. The Packers have also been a team where undrafted free agents can earn their spots and become players in the league. If Lyerla can be the player that many people think...he could be in the starting lineup on Sept 4th in Seattle. Stranger things have happened.

The Brewers are in stumbling mode right now. They play in Atlanta again tonight. Bob Uecker isnt making the trip south. I didn't get a chance to hear Daryl Hamilton on last night's broadcast...how did he do?

It looks like the weather will play havoc with the high school schedule for a few more days. Rain out yesterday and probably today as well. It will take awhile for all of this rain to dry up. Next scheduled game for me is a doubleheader on Thursday as East heads to Merrill. They could make up todays game tomorrow also.

Alice Cooper says he has recorded an album of cover songs. he says it probably wont be released until next year. No word on what songs are on it but he says its natural for most rock artists should feel comfortable doing covers because most of them started as cover bands (even the Beatles). He said he likes other versions of his songs with Joan Jett's Be My Lover and Dio's Welcome To My Nightmare as particular favorites. Cooper is touring this summer with Motley Crue.

Songs of The Day (from my I-pod) lets hear those Cooper covers

Be My Lover-Joan Jett (1990) Pretty straight forward reading of this one

Welcome To My Nightmare-DIO (1999) from a Cooper tribute disc. One of the great rock voices takes on this favorite