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Who Will Be The Sacrificial Lamb?

by Tom King

The Green Bay Packers had their lowest offensive output in seven years and the defense struggled again despite causing four turnovers as the Lions embarrassed the pack on Thursday 40-10. As usual, after a Packer loss the radio waves, twitterverse and blogosphere was full of anger and vitriol. Fire _____ (fill in the blank) was a regular. refrain. It's easy to see that the malaise of the Packers is much more than the unavailability of Aaron Rodgers. The one week love affair with Matt Flynn did sour of course as he played like many of us expected he would when the team signed him. I grant you he was running for his life for much of the game as the offensive line showed how damaged they are. ...And the defense...what can we say about the defense...it was clear to see that the defense is not only flawed in scheme and execution...its flawed in talent level. This isnt a one day oddity. The Lions are a much better team right now in almost all phases of the game...and Aaron Rodgers coming back isnt going to change that. So...who pays the price? Ted Thompson built the roster...Mike McCarthy calls the offensive plays and puts the starting lineup together...Dom Capers alledgely makes the defensive game plan and in-game adjustments. The Packer brass like Thompson and they probably won't make McCarthy pay for this with his job after the sustained level of success the team has had over the last seven years. Capers will probably be the one who gets canned...along with some of the conditoning coaches who will pay the price for all of the hamstring and groin injuries that have ruined this season. You cant fire all the players (although there are very few on this roster that have earned their keep this year) so expect some cosmetic changes after this season ends with the hope that health and Aaron Rodgers will get the team back to respectibility.

The Badger hockey team inaugurates Big Ten play this afternoon as they take on Minnesota in Minneapolis. You can hear the game on WSAU at 3:30.

The Bucks coninute to look for answers as they have now lost 10 in a row after dropping an overtime game at home on Wednesday night. They play in Charlotte tonight. OJ Mayo says the team is still keeping their heads up and have not written off the season yet.

Its high school hoops tonight. The annual Turkey Shoot two day event at Wausau West. I'll have Wausau East tonight and Saturday at 5pm on Foxsports1390 & FM 93.9. tonight they face Newman and Saturday they take on Pacelli. Both teams are pretty good.

This is the anniversery of the death of George Harrison in 2001. He was 58. here are a couple of his tunes as the Songs of The Day

This Song-George Harrison (1976) George's response to the plagerism lawsuit over My Sweet Lord. That's Rolling Stone Ron Wood in drag.

It's What You Value-George Harrison (1976) from his very popular 33 1/3 LP