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OPINION - An impractical campaign position

by Chris Conley

NEWS BLOG (WSAU)   The news conference earlier this month was strange. Mary Burke, newly announced candidate for governor, said the only thing she’d promise was ‘no promises’.  This could have been a jab at Governor Walker’s promise to create 250,000 new jobs in his first term. It’s a goal that probably won’t be met.

Otherwise, Mary Burke’s ‘no promises’ promise is amateurish. Is it possible that a major candidate for governor can go through a campaign without answering serious questions and taking positions on serious issues?

Burke should be asked two questions that will tell us a lot about your candidacy.

Question One, “Ms. Burke, you haven’t taken a position on Act 10. As governor, would you try to repeal it?”  (And I’d like to follow-up, please.)  “If you were still a member of the Madison School Board, what would you cut if the district’s savings under Act 10 were undone?”

Question Two,  “Ms. Burke, if you believe collective bargaining is a right – why are workers at Trek Bicycle not union? Would you encourage your father to enter into collective bargaining talks with his employees?”

The answers will tell us whether Mary Burke is ready for prime time. And the quality of her answers will be just as interesting for Democrats. Party-faithful want to know up front if they should give her the nomination without any challengers and without a primary.

If she won’t make promises and won’t answer questions, why should we vote for her? Because we like her hair? Because she’s a woman? Because she isn’t Scott Walker?

Chris Conley