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OPINION - Fast food follow-up

by Chris Conley

NEWS BLOG (WSAU)  I blogged earlier the week about my fast food experiences from last weekend. Both Burger King and Taco Bell blew it, with slow, inaccurate service. None of their workers who served me are worth the $15 that national protesters demand.

I’d also shared that I filled out both the Burger King and Taco Bell on-line customer satisfaction surveys and shared how dissatisfied I was.


The local Taco Bell manager called me yesterday. He listened carefully as I explained how things went wrong during my late-night visit. He apologized and said they were trying to do better. He offered me my next meal for free. He did everything right.

I don’t think the manager was aware of who I was, or that I’d written a blog about it.

So, here’s the problem. The manager cares about good customer service. Some of his employees don’t. And even at a time of high unemployment the fast-food industry can’t find good workers.

A Wall Street Journal article earlier this year quoted a McDonalds executive, saying “the service part is broken.” He’s right.

Chris Conley