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OPINION - He doesn't check? Are you kidding?

by Chris Conley

NEWS BLOG (WSAU)  Governor Walker says he doesn’t check to see if his political appointees signed the recall petition against him. You might say, ‘so what’. Surely his staffers do the vetting work before a nomination is made public. But sometimes they don’t.

The Walker Administration says the reason Joshua Inglett was nominated anyway to the UW Board of Regents is because his name was misspelled when petition-signer’s names were entered into a data base. But conservatives groups found his name quickly enough – about a day after the nomination was announced. Inglett says he was asked many questions by Walker’s aides, but the recall petition question was never asked.

This is incredible. And… Governor Walker’s supporters need to tell the administration that whether a person signed or not needs to be the first question asked, and is a disqualifier if the answer is “yes, I signed it.”

One of the governor’s biggest powers is to make appointments to state government… some of the appointees continue at their posts after the governor’s term ends.

When people went out and kept Governor Walker in office, they sent a clear message that Walker’s policies and agenda were preferred over his opponents. Those voters expect the governor’s appointees to represent and carry out those policies. To appoint people who wanted Scott Walker removed from office creates potential choke-points for the governor’s agenda, and is disrespectful of the voters who had to cast ballots twice – not once – on Walker’s behalf.

Chris Conley