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OPINION - In about three years...

by Chris Conley

NEWS BLOG (WSAU)  1941. The Japanese sneak attack on Pearl Harbor leaves the Pacific Fleet in ruins. The U.S. will enter World War Two with a very small standing army, not enough weapons and munitions to supply all of its citizen-volunteers who stand up to enlist that very day. We will need tanks and ships and other machines of war. And, since you already know the ending, we will need a fearsome atomic weapon that strikes fear into everyone before achieving final victory.

These things will be developed in a little more than three years. FDR would assemble the best minds from private industry. They would shift the nation's industrial production towards military production, with many leaders from the private sector working for a-dollar-a-year out of patriotism.

Consider another three-year project that's been rolled out over the last few weeks. It was designed by government bureaucrats and outside contractors, 
some of which have political connections.  We can't get a web site right. And when we finally get that straightened out, we'll find out that what they're selling is too expensive and doesn't come close to cover what it's supposed to.

Over the weekend the healthcare.gov web site went off-line completely -- a problem with the data center that hosted it. And on Monday we get this news release from the government: 
Continued Improvements to Heathcare.gov

We used to have a much smaller government that was capable of rising to big things. Now we have an infinitely larger government that can't seem to get anything right.

Chris Conley