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OPINION - Keep Fridays for the kids?

by Chris Conley

NEWS BLOG (WSAU)  It’s opening night for the high school football season, and I’ve been waiting for it for weeks. The only thing that’s not quite right is that it’s also a Packers football night. They’re playing a pre-season game against the Seahawks about the same time the high schoolers are kicking off.

There’s been enough of an uproar about keeping Friday night “for the kids” that Packers President Mark Murphy was asked about it. He noted that the Packers don’t control when and where they play; even the preseason schedule is set by the NFL. He’s sympathetic to Packers ticket-holders who have to choose between their kids’ games and a Lambeau Field game. (To make this even more complicated, this is a gold package game, and those ticket-holders only get three games a year.) Murphy explains the NFL is trying to maximize the preseason exposure of each team by playing game almost every night of the week. The Packers drew two Friday nights, a Thursday, and a Saturday.

There’s a separate Packers issue that will change with tonight’s broadcast. All Packers affiliates have been told we won’t be able to offer the game on-line for the foreseeable future. It’s an NFL decision, made at a level above the Packers and their radio network.

Our schedule tonight:

5pm -    Packers gamenight on WSAU AM-550 FM-99.9

5:30pm -     Brewers vs. Reds, moved to Fox Sports AM-1390 FM-93.9

9:00pm -     DC Everest vs SPASH football on Fox Sports AM-1390 FM-93.9 on tape delay

10:30pm -   Wausau East vs. Wisconsin Rapids on Fox Sports AM-1390 FM-93.9 on tape delay