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OPINION - Kick him out

by Chris Conley

NEWS BLOG (WSAU)   I've blogged twice before about Justin Bieber. Once I praised him for reaching out to a young fan who was terminally ill. The other time I suggested that he's a good role model for other young child stars. This is exhibit A for I'm-not-always-right.

Actually, I was writing with the best available information about Bieber at the time. This is more a story about how quickly a child-star can come off the rails. 

Since then we've heard about reckless driving, egg throwing, pot use, drunkenness, public urination, drug-fueled house parties, and an entourage with a big cocaine habit. The most recent incident, drag racing in Miami, is particularly disturbing. In that episode Bieber had a caravan of SUVs driving slowly and blocking the street for other cars while Bieber and his buddy raced each other in a residential neighborhood. This is self-indulgent and indescribably dangerous behavior.

I've had enough of Justin and his posse. Here's what should happen: He's not an American citizen. He's Canadian. The local judge who handles his case should refer him to federal prosecutors with a recommendation that he be expelled from the country. He's our "guest", and he doesn't have any right to be in the country as a drug-abusing lawbreaker. His behavior is atrocious. There's no reason for him to be a menace to us any longer. Throw him out of the United States.

The proper response to Justin Bieber is that his next North American tour be limited to stops in Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver.

Chris Conley

Image: Justin Bieber performs during his concert at the Sportpaleis in Antwerp, March 30, 2011. Credit: Reuters/Francois Lenoir from wsau.com