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OPINION - Men who just can't say 'no'

by Chris Conley

NEWS BLOG (WSAU)  Spy agencies know it. The most effective way to blackmail is through sex. During the cold war nearly half our our agents who turned on our country fell for a 'honey trap' -- trading our secrets for sex. Monica Lewinsky knew it, too. For some men in positions of power, sex is ultimate temptation.

Consider the two 17-year-olds at Abbotsford High School who successfully tempted their 26-year-old teacher. The teacher, Andy Follen, is accused of having an ongoing sexual relationship with the students. That's wrong, on any level, in any circumstance. But there are reports that they came on to him. They were the instigators. I've seen pictures of the girls -- they look like 17-year-olds going on 27. Follen is a boyish-looking 26-year-old. If you say them walking down the street holding hands, you wouldn't think twice. Yet, without question, he has to be the adult who must say 'no' the young temptresses.

If any young teacher actually thought about the situation rationally, they'd keep their pants up. The teacher, even if they went to the cheapest state-school to earn their degree, has spent at least $50,000 in tuition to pursue their career. Who in their right mind would through that kind of money away over sex? And anyone who teaches teenagers knows there's no way to expect that a sexual secret will be kept. 

I'm not sure if the 17-year-olds are aware that they contributed to the downfall of a young teacher. They are victims of this crime, but they are not innocent. Their teacher needed to say 'no'; it's morally and criminally wrong if he didn't. And he deserves jail time if he's convicted. He's the poster child for the old saying that some men think with their nether-regions. But it is also morally wrong sexually-charged young women to throw themselves at their teacher. The law has nothing to say to them... but I find it hard to consider them victims. They are only months away from being of-age.

Andy Follen was recently married. The real victims in this case were waiting for him at home.

Chris Conley