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OPINION - Mother nature and baseball

by Chris Conley

NEWS BLOG (WSAU)  Spring is late in coming, and it's been felt hardest by high school baseball teams in our area. The DC Everest baseball team has played only once, a 5-1 loss to Stevens Point. Nine of their games have been cancelled. And that's one more game than Wausau-East has managed. Every one of their games has been called off.

The weather is slowly improving, but this year's baseball season is hopelessly compact. There will only be five weeks of games; some teams will play only 10 or 12 times before the playoffs arrive.

A good baseball manager will tell you that it takes 40 or 50 at-bats before you can judge a hitter. This season most players won't get that many at-bats all year. No one will have enough good pitching for the double-headers and four-games-a-week that will follow. 

Baseball is supposed to be a game of attrition. There's always supposed to be another game tomorrow. Consider the first three weeks of the Brewers season: you'd think they were hopeless bums. Then for the next three weeks, you'd think they were champions. That's how short this year's high school season will be. Mother nature wins this year.

Chris Conley