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OPINION - Packers-Brewers conflicts

by Chris Conley

NEWS BLOG (WSAU) Today is our first football-baseball conflict on WSAU.As you know, we're Central Wisconsin's Brewers and Packers station. And tonight the Brewers and Packers games overlap.

As in past years, the Packers game will be heard on WSAU AM-550 FM-99.9. The Brewers game will be moved to our sister-station Fox Spots AM-1390 FM-93.9.

Obviously with the Brewers in first place, there will be heightened interest in their games this fall. Some listeners have asked why we can't "split" WSAU's two signals. There are several reasons why we can't. First is for our advertisers. If we were to put the Packers on FM-99.9 and the Brewers on AM-550, our sponsors (and the network sponsors) would be getting only half the audience they paid for. Packers sponsors, as you might imagine, pay top dollar and must get the full benefit of their commercials. The other reason is contractual. Our agreement with the Packers syndicator gives their games top priority on our stations. Our Brewers agreement allows a limited number of their games to be moved because of football conflicts.

Happily there are very few conflicts this year.

Chris Conley

IMAGE: The Green Bay Packers via wsau.c om